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Lightweight transfers: 35 strokes per minute

Misati is the technological leader in automating multi-die transfer presses.

It is a fact that our stamping company customers can already reach 35 strokes per minute to manufacture stamped sheets.

Our Lightweight Transfers are made up of technopolymer structural elements and pneumatic pincers (grippers), which can reach up holding forces of 270 daN, in order to get a perfect fastening of the sheet and the highest stamping speed at the minimum cost.

Whether you just want to buy the components for automating your transfer or if you need a supplier who designs, constructs and puts your transfer into operation, we will be happy to help you. Moreover, we give you the opportunity to discover in a simple and practical way the different Misati elements and to identify the best solution for your projects. More information about the free demonstration case.


Exclusive solutions:
  • Pincers for high accelerations
  • Pincer for fastening cantilever sheets
  • High-temperature pincers
  • Rotation of the sheet in all three axes                         
  • Technical advice and transfer design
  • Transfer die improvement report
  • Calculation of the number of strokes in the whole system
  • Savings on set-up



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