What is it used for?

  • To determine the position and path of the pincers.
  • To determine the elements needed at each operation of the transfer (type, reference and quantity).
  • For maximum productivity and reliability of the transfer.
  • To value the elements that are part of the transfer.
Request a technical study
Technical study of a transfer to guarantee the highest production of the transfer.

When should a technical study be made?

  • Before manufacturing the dies, in order to leave the areas of the die where the pincers will be placed free of obstacles.

How much is it?

  • Nothing! The technical study of the transfer is free to check its reliability.
Example of a technical study

3D Project

The 3D project of a transfer is used to know the exact three-dimensional position of each element that hangs from the profiles and bars.

To make the 3D project we use the technical information of the press, the transfer bars, the sheet and the dies.

We also review external projects.

3D project of a transfer to guarantee the highest stamping speed

What is the 3D project of the transfer used for?

It prevents any mechanical impacts, as it includes a static simulation to detect any obstacles during the movement of the pincers.

It guarantees the highest stamping speed. We determine the most suitable pincers and structures.

It takes less time to assemble and adjust the transfer, as the three-dimensional position of each element of the transfer is detailed in the drawings.

Kinematic simulation of a transfer

We make a kinematic simulation to verify the perfect synchronism between the fastening elements, the die and the press.

The kinematic simulation also determines the productivity, the possible improvement of the strokes per minute and the cyclogram of the press.

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