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01. New technopolymer elements for transfer press-automation 02. New ultra fast pincer for servopresses 03. New pincer with a swivel arm for split or cantilever sheets 04. Master sheets: Description & uses 05. Double-thickness sheet-detection system for transfer presses 06. Solutions to turn the sheet on any axis of the transfer 07. Centring shovels to lead and center the sheet 08. Simple structures: lower cost and higher reliability & productivity of the transfer 09. New-techniques to put a transfer into operation quickly and efficiently 10. Cable breakage: How does it affect the productivity of a transfer? 11. Quick Change System for Transfer Press Profiles 12. Pincer-holder profiles: Quick and safe to change dies 13. Retractable station for reduced spaces: new lifetime for small presses 14. Remote Assistance during the Adjustment of Misati’s Lightweight Transfers 15. Vision system to increase reliability and productivity of the transfer 16. Stamping Processes with Dies at Different Strokes, Widths or Heights 17. Material Saving and Production Increase thanks to Combining Linear and Turning Units 18. Stamping Large Sheets with Small Presses 19. Case Study How to Handle Delicate Metal Sheets 20. How to Choose the Type of Pincer 21. Savings and Economic Benefits of Lightweight Transfers 22. When to Start the Transfer? Analysis of a Real Case 23. Advantages of Misati's New Brackets 24. Self-assembly of your Transfer 25. Original Misati Spare Parts 26. Turning Units specially designed to maximise the productivity of the transfer 27. Case Study Advice on the Application of Elements 28. How to Increase the Strokes Per Minute (SPM) by Reducing the Distance between Dies 29.New Demonstration Case for Misati Products 30. Torque Screwdriver for Adjusting Pincers 31. How to calculate how many SPM a Transfer can stamp 32-Production and Reliability Improvement through Image Analysis