Lightweight Robot Grip: Increase in productivity by 15%

Our Lightweight Grip is the solution to handle metal sheets and objects with the robot.

  • Smaller, low-payload and more economic robots may be used to move our lightweight, highly productive, economic and reliable grip. 
  • It is a sturdy, compact and neat grip, which takes up as little space as possible and with just the essential exposed cables to avoid them getting caught or broken and causing production stoppages.
  • It is a modular and standard grip, made up of few components, which becomes therefore easy to design and quick to assemble.

Our Lightweight Robot Grip is made up of some lighter and smaller  technopolymer structural components and some end-of-arm elements that fasten the workpiece, the main ones being the high-force (up to 292 daN), non-reversible, small and narrow pneumatic clamps and the pneumatic suction pads, perfect for handling cardboard boxes, delicate parts, etc.


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