Wide range of standard gripper fingers and accessories

It is not usually possible to use just the basic form of a clamp in a tool. A variety of gripper fingers and accessories are needed, such as sensors to control the workpiece, a mounting to fix the clamp to the tool, a protection for welding environments...

Our Fastening Clamps have a complete range of standard gripper fingers and accessories: interchangeable and easy to assemble, adjust and maintain.

Fingers and accessories for Fastening Clamps
Fingers and accessories for Fastening Clamps
Fingers and accessories for Fastening Clamps

Mountings for Gripper Fingers.

Large range of interchangeable mountings for gripper fingers. Standard and easy to assemble. They close the mechanical circuit on the clamp.

Ball-Ended Screws

We have specific screws for metal sheets, delicate parts, volumetric parts, parts with irregular shapes…


Inductive sensor SI-…, patented by Misati, fits perfectly on the clamp and tells us whether the clamping arm is open or closed.

Rear Protection

Ideal for welding tools. Our rear protection PTA-… seals completely BL type clamps and protects them against welding sparks.

Fixing the Clamp to the Tool

Mounting bracket SBA-… is the best solution to place several clamps together in a small area. Moreover, it has height adjustment.

Custom solutions with standard parts

Who wants to design special gripper fingers? They are expensive, the technical risks involved are high and they don't usually have spare parts, as few units are manufactured.

With Misati standard gripper fingers and accessories it is not necessary to design or manufacture any special parts.

Standard accessories of our Fastening Clamps make the design, construction and assembly of a tool easier : several clamps can be grouped together in a small area with our SBA-… mounting bracket, it is easier to control the production process with our SI-… sensor, etc.

Fingers and accessories for Fastening Clamps

Standard gripper fingers of our Fastening Clamps can adapt to any part to fasten. We have jaw blocks and screws ‒ball-ended or not‒ with the end in different materials: ribbed steel, neoprene, Delrin…

Our clamps with standard accessories manufacturing any special parts.
Download Guide how to choose the gripper fingers of the Fastening Clamps Any questions? Please contact our technical team.