Higher force and minimum size. Wide range of accessories

Misati Fastening Clamps are the solution to fasten and immobilize workpieces in tools (welding, assembly, verification, etc.)

  • Highest holding force: Pneumatic Clamps can reach forces from 120 to 950 daN, to fasten firmly any workpiece.
  • Minimum size: There are 3 types of Pneumatic Clamps, depending on the position and orientation of the clamping arm, and 4 cylinder sizes (from Ø20 to Ø50mm). Being so small, the Pneumatic Clamp can easily access the small areas of the tool.
  • Wide range of standard accessories: protections against welding sparks, ball-ended screws for delicate surfaces, sensors, jaw blocks that are machined to reproduce the shape of the workpiece, adjustable mountings to fix the clamp to the tool… Configure your Fastening Clamp

Misati Clamps, made up of treated and hardened steel, are manufactured at CNC machines to get the maximum accuracy and quality. All Misati clamps are equipped with a rolling force system, double-lip sealing rings and a stainless steel cylinder bush. The result is a high-quality clamp which enable us to offer 20 million cycles or 7 years guarantee.

Visit our Online catalogue to see some exaples of how to use clamps with different accessories.

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