NEWS 05/02/2016

AutoRevista (,
the most important technical magazine in Spain on automotive industry, informs its readers about Misati’s training courses.

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More Security in the Stamping Process 11/12/2015

MinipincerPalas de centraje

Despite regular controls, two blanks can be lifted at a same time at the first die of the press.

If these two sheets have some kind of shape, dies can get damaged. Therefore, an unplanned production stoppage can last for several days while the damaged die is being repaired.

Misati recommends to use a minipincer equipped with a sheet thickness control device…

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Centring shovel 5/10/2015

When the feeder places the blank on the previous station to the transfer, it can be positioned wrongly, either transverse or longitudinally. It will be then necessary to center the blank before it is moved to the fi rst die.
This operation can be made with centring shovels, which are used along with pincers.

Apart from preventing pincers from being damaged, the advantages of using centring shovels are:

  • The pincer's opening angle is reduced, so its cycle is shortened and production is higher.

  • Smaller pincers may be used: they take up less space, they consume less compressed air, they are lighter and they have a lower cost.

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